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If, in accordance with your written instructions, we change your registration information for THE CHESS funds sponsored by us, CHESS itself will inform or confirm directly that your name/holding address has changed, that your sponsoring participant has changed or that other matters related to your involvement may be the case in any case. This is an effective security measure. If you receive such notification and have not asked us to make these changes, please contact us immediately. We and our duly appointed representative have access to and manage the CHESS assets we sponsor. Each chess holding statement identifies us by our participant number. It also identifies you by listing your HIN. You need to keep your HIN confidential as it is the key to your holdings, much like your PIN to access your bank account. Your SecurityHolder Reference Number (SRN) for issuer-sponsored entries (if applicable) must also remain confidential. If, for any reason, an unauthorized transfer of all or part of your assets occurs, we are required under the ASX Settlement Rules to reinstate the entry(s). Behind us is the National Guarantee Fund. If we do not reintegrate the holding company(ies), an unauthorized transfer request to the National Guarantee Fund for compensation may be made. When I got into stock trading, I searched a lot on Google and couldn`t really understand it. The name itself is misleading – what does my knowledge of chess have to do with it? (No real questions I asked).

Who sponsors my actions and why do they have to? I`ll get rid of the jargon to help you understand what that means and why you should care. Terms and conditions This statement is only a summary of the agreement (see clause 7.4 of the sponsorship agreement). It is not a substitute or part of the sponsorship agreement, or any other full-fledged agreement. By signing the Referral Agreement, you designate us as your sponsor participant for ITS-traded non-derivative financial products that you purchase through us. We are happy to sponsor other investments that you may have sponsored by the issuer or sponsored by another ASX Group participant (for example. B, ASX Stockbroker). FinEx is party to a clearing agreement for shares and derivatives with FinClear Pty Ltd (participating in the clearing). The clearing participant is required to settle as principal and has settlement obligations for all ASX transactions.

As a referring participant on CHESS, only we and our duly authorised representative may give CHESS instructions regarding the management or conversion of your credit or transfers sponsored by us to or from your sponsored assets after processing your transactions or in accordance with your withdrawal instructions. In addition, we or our duly authorized representative are only permitted to access your holdings if you expressly do so (p.B sell my BHP Billiton shares). On CHESS, your assets will be identified by your HIN, which will be assigned to you if you agree to the terms of our Sponsorship Agreement in clause 8. We will notify you of your HIN by returning a copy of clause 8 for your records. Clauses 7.5 and 7.6 concern the measures we will take in the event of death and/or bankruptcy. Simply put, CHESS Sponsored means that the ASX keeps a list of who owns which shares. If your shares are « CHESS Sponsored », it means that when ASX buys or sells shares, it is registered that you own these shares directly. This is the main introduction to how people buy and sell shares, you don`t have to choose to do it, just be aware when choosing a broker. We will enter into different arrangements later. On T+2, we will automatically make a direct debit from you. Clause 5 (« Exchange Traded Options, Collateral and Subheadings ») applies to you only if you intend to deposit your holdings as collateral for written option positions or if you intend to allow fees or a subheading on all or part of your holdings.

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