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Under California Labor Law, employers can make deductions from employees` wages if the deductions are 16. I have to wear a uniform for work. My employer withdrew $25.00 from my last paycheque to cover the cost of two new uniform shirts after being irreparably damaged at work. The employer does not have to pay for my uniform? For example, if a worker subject to the legal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour earns an hourly wage of $7.25, the employer cannot deduct the worker`s wage for the fund. 15. I recently learned that my employer deducted from my paycheque a contribution to the United Way workplace campaign. While my boss said there was pressure to ensure 100% employee participation, I never knew it would be imposed by a deduction without permission. While I support the United Way, I don`t like having to contribute in the workplace. Is there anything I can do? NOTE – Non-payment of wages or lack of remuneration that an employer must pay correctly on each occasion is considered an illegal deduction from wages, unless the default or non-payment is due to a miscalculation. any deductions or deductions from the worker`s wages; Uniforms required by the employer that can only be worn in the workplace, The amount retained is determined on the basis of the number of your relatives and the standard deduction to which you are entitled. If your employer receives the payroll tax notification, you must receive a copy of the termination immediately. On the back of the tax notice is an exemption application form in which you set the number of families and deductions.

This form must be returned to the IRS within three days of receipt. If you don`t return the form, the law allows your employer to pay you only US$116 per week and transfer the rest to the IRS until taxes are paid in full or the collection period (ten years from the date of tax fixing) expires. Employers are required to keep pay slips, collective agreements, sales and purchase documents for at least three years. Records on which wage calculations are based should be retained for two years, i.e. hourly cards and piece tickets, wage scales, schedules and schedules, and statements of dencots or deductions from wages. Records may be kept at the duty station or at a central desk in the file. « Disposable income » means the amount of statutory income (for example.B. Federal, state and local taxes, social security, unemployment insurance and public pension schemes for workers) remain. . .