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If you are building within three metres of a public sewer or one metre of a public side cub view, you will need our permission before starting work. If you have a construction agreement for a budget sewer with a diameter not exceeding 160 mm (6″), you can continue the authorized work. For sewers with a diameter greater than 160 mm, you must inform us once the work is completed, so that we can order a CCTV study after construction to check the condition of the sewers. We will check the CCTV investigative material before granting permission. We advise you to divert the pipes around all the proposed buildings or extensions. If you can`t, channel all pipes and fittings under the building so that they are accessible for repairs. Or ask us! All pipes near the site can impact the design, so it`s best to know where the pipes are if you`re planning to avoid delays and additional costs. If you`re not sure how to do it, we`re here to help. For more information about related and unasyed pipes, see below.

If you plan to build on top of or near the pipes, there are some precautions you need to take. The process depends on the ability of the pipes to transport drinking water or wastewater. We need to know about the construction work that is completed or near a public sewer, so: wells can also not be built due to the increased risk of flooding and olfactory problems caused by internal wells. .