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In addition, they mention all the details of the property in it, as well as the land costs of Kerala. In addition, the agreement includes stamps and registrations. If someone is unable to comply with the agreement, they should expect legal sanctions. Investing in real estate is not an easy or easy task for an investor we thought. Before investing a single penny, as an investor or buyer, you need to carry out a thorough analysis of the market and have a thorough knowledge of the property. In principle, investing in a residential or commercial property is always an important investment for you and your main currency is therefore to make a profit from this investment. Google search depends on certain keywords used for search, for example.B. Owners in Thrissur, ready to occupy apartments in thrissur, etc., the page shows the most prominent owners on Google`s search engine site based on preferred locations. Depending on your individual choice and budget, you can choose either a plot of land, a single house or villa, or opt for a luxurious apartment. The minimum price of the country is close to about 5 lakhs, while the maximum price can be 1 cr. and more. The average price of a 2BHK apartment is close to 40-45 Lakhs, while the price of a villa or a single house is about 80lakhs-1Cr. You need to buy a sales document written by a professional that contains all the details of the transaction.

Care must be taken to ensure that it is error-free. An agreement is in fact a legitimate written contract between the buyer and the seller in the presence of a few witnesses. In accordance with the agreement, the seller agrees to sell his property or land to you (buyer) and, as a buyer, you must also agree that you will buy the property under certain conditions….