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This is an agreement between ___ (« the parties »), who wish to mediate under the auspices of Franklin R. Garfield (« the Mediator »), for the purpose of resolving all matters arising from the intended dissolution of their marriage. The parties and the Mediator agree that the documents drawn up during the mediation and which the parties intend to adopt as binding and enforceable agreements (and therefore authorised and subject to discovery) contain a statement in the essentially following form: they are in the middle of a divorce or custody case and have participated in mediation with the other party, in which you have successfully resolved the problems. This is how you signed a negotiated settlement agreement. You think the deal is over, and you`re going to be a little relieved that you don`t have to fight anymore. However, problems could still arise. It thus appealed and argued on several issues that the MSA was not applicable from the point of view of contract law. In fact, it claimed contractual defenses such as lack of consideration, failure of reflection, mutual failure, no reunion of minds, lack of notions, and ambiguity. The Tribunal decided that it would not decide whether any of these decisions applied to an agreement at 153.0071. On the contrary, the court considered each defence and found that the arguments were missing and erroneous.

1. Type of mediation. Mediation is a process in which the Mediator helps the parties to collaboratively agree on all issues. The Mediator does not have the power to decide matters for the parties. Negotiated settlement agreements (MSAs) are considered binding contracts between the parties, provided they meet certain requirements. . . .