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The defendants claim that, according to ERISA or LRMA, there is no factual jurisdiction because in reality they do not participate in collective agreements with the European Union. This combines the merits of the applicants` claims with the existence of jurisdiction. Both fund groups are affiliated with the Bipartite Local Business Association 638 (« Union ») and benefit the Union`s metal trading and.dem construction sector. According to the FAC, HLI owner and CEO Ernest Henick signed a trading authorization in March 2010 in which the Mechanical Service Contractors Association of New York (« MSCANY ») was appointed as a representative for the implementation of a new CBA with the Union`s Department of Metals Trade. MSCANY then entered into a CBA with the metal trading arm and committed HLI to comply with its terms. Metal Trades CBA authorizes Metal Trade Funds to review the funds to ensure that they have made all necessary contributions to the funds. The Metal Trade Funds have repeatedly requested access to HLI`s books, but HLI has refused. This is sufficient to assert a claim for violation of Metal Trades` CBA. Under the current collective agreement (which will remain in effect until June 2021), HVACR service technicians who are members of Local 638 will receive the following payments and benefits: Management and members of Steamfitters Local 638 of the United Association of HVACR, Steamfitters, Pipe Fitters and Sprinkler Fitters would like to welcome you to our new website. On our website you will find a lot of information about our great local and international union.

The applicants complained that the defendants had infringed the collective agreements (« CAS ») with the European Union by failing to pay the necessary contributions and by refusing to authorise the examination of their books. 2019 Metal Trades Branch Wage Rate Notice 7/1-12/31 The FAC`s first claim claims that HLI violated its collective agreement with the union`s metal trades (Metal Trades CBA) by denying Metal Trades Funds access to their books and records. Here you will find an introduction to the benefits that HLK service technicians receive as members of the local union and the process of joining the union. In the CAF`s tenth complaint, the applicants argue that HLSC filed, in January 2013, a letter of compliance with the Union in which HLSC imposes the conditions for the execution of a given project in Brooklyn, New York. The declaration of conformity contained the terms of a labor agreement between the union and the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York. Under the compliance letter and working agreement, HLSC was required to contribute hourly to the construction funds and the LMCC for all construction work performed by its employees on the Brooklyn project. The claimants allege that HLSC did not contribute $18,914.90 in necessary contributions, as calculated in FCC Schedule 10, a table that breaks down this amount by union member, month and category of ancillary benefits. Steamfitters Local 638 is the New York subsidiary of UA, the union that represents workers in the HLK industry. The jurisdiction of the local chapter covers the five districts of New York and Long Island. The applicants are the directors of two groups of multi-employer labour management trust funds: metal trades` local pension fund and Service Fitters` Industry Educational Funds (« Metal Trades Funds ») and Steamfitters` Industry Pension, Supplemental Retirement, Welfare, Educational and Security Benefit Funds and Vacation Plan (« Construction Fund »). The Steamfitting Industry Labor Management Cooperation Committee (« LMCC ») is a joint committee established under the Laboratory Relations Act. .

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