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Depending on the circumstances, obligations and obligations of the parties, there may be differences with respect to the confidentiality of confidential information. For example, the category of classified information in Faccenda Chicken -v- Fowler was subject to an obligation of confidentiality solely because of the relationship between the parties as workers and employers. In the case of Ocular Sciences Limited -v- Aspect Vision Care Limited, the courts have found that this class of information does not necessarily create confidentiality when transmitted between two independent parties. On the face of an NDA, a controlling party must determine whether the agreement protects only one party or both parts of the NDA. The legislation imposes many different confidentiality obligations, including under the Professional Secrecy Act, as well as the confidentiality of medical records and the protection of minors. Advantage: The use of an explicit time limit in a contract will likely allow the parties to extend the scope of the principles of fairness of confidentiality, adapt them to the case at hand, and waive the need to attract a court to define the obligations of the parties. One of the most important points to consider for the author is the balance of the flow of information in the agreement. The party receiving information might want a broad definition, the party giving the information might want a narrower definition. This may not always be the case. .