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Avondale is proud to be part of a global Seventh-day Adventist education network, which includes 99 universities and universities with a joint enrollment of nearly 90,000 students. There are also 5,500 secondary and primary schools for a total of nearly 1,000,000 students. Something that hasn`t changed at Avondale (and won`t change) is an ongoing commitment to core values. If you decide to come to Avondale for your bachelor`s or postgraduate studies, you can go to a leading private higher education institution with a believing community, many opportunities for spiritual growth and service, and excellent job prospects. Excellent teachers, love school. Really great experience there. I had the best friends and my friend was the best. the Prinzipal, probably the best. I really recommend this university to anyone who wants to thrive.

By Emma Patrick James (Jan, 2018) | Answer Had a bullet in Avondale. I learned a lot, made a lot of friends throughout life and even learned a little! I still sing every year at university and I`ve been doing it since 1990!! And I still think it`s a great place. It`s getting better every year. Thank you Avondale!! By Peter Dixon (Oct, 2015) | Reply Avondale`s motto, « For a Greater Vision of World Needs », calls on its learning community to better understand humanitarian needs and responses and to be more committed to meeting the needs of those who are less fortunate and lack human care and support, both in Australia and abroad. Avondale is a leading non-profit higher education provider and offers a wide range of accredited bachelor`s, postgraduate and career courses in a supportive and inclusive environment. Founded in 1897 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Avondale College of Higher Education turns 120 in 2017. As a private leader in higher education, which combines elements of the Christian faith with a consistently high level of academic achievement, Avondale offers an environment that encompasses people of all faiths and beliefs. Avondale College is a leader in higher education with a number of accredited bachelor`s and postgraduate degrees.

A beautiful campus and excellent staff. By Harsha Sachdeva (Apr, 2018) | Answer It is a very beautiful and spacious school grounds. The program also Japan and the big difference in the content of the ultra-lucid. By JAPAN SANUKI (Sep, 2017) | Reply Avondale takes on the challenge of learning and discovery, seeking excellence and promoting creativity that combines individuality, wisdom and healthy self-assessment. It promotes excellence in the higher education it offers, in the quality of the infrastructure it develops and in the spiritual and academic support services it offers. 24. EMPLOYMENT OF ABORIGINAL PEOPLE AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER Avondale addresses the challenge of learning and discovery, seeking excellence and promoting creativity that combines individuality, wisdom and healthy self-assessment. She appreciates spirituality and believes that nothing is more important than every man`s relationship with God as Creator, Savior and Savior. Avondale also values the sustainability of the land and its people and encourages members of its learning community to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling and joyful lives. Avondale`s motto « For a Greater Vision of World Needs » leads to a better understanding of humanitarian needs and responses and increased commitment to addressing those needs. .

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