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The number of assistance incidents varies by customer and depends on the type of volume licensing agreement and qualifying products. Read Microsoft product terms, check your benefits, or contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft partner for more information. The enterprise agreement remains the best Microsoft licensing vehicle for organizations with 250 or more PCs. It offers cost savings beyond standard licensing prices, helps your business standardize information technology across the enterprise, simplifies licensing management, and offers comprehensive software insurance benefits. The Interactive Performance Chart (PDF, 768 KB) provides an overview of the different benefits and describes the benefits that apply to each type of volume licensing agreement. This page shows a list of insurance software benefits for which you are authorized by the license ID that allows you to get the benefits. The following attributes associated with the LICENSE IDENTIFIANT for these benefits are also displayed: Software Assurance provides tools and resources that help your business deliver, manage and maximize your purchases of Microsoft products and services, including implementation planning, training and support. You will find more information about the many insurance software benefits available through the microsoft product and service agreement under microsoft product terms. To decide whether one or more people should manage the benefits of your organization`s Insurance software, it will take into account the size of your organization and the extent of the benefits you have. A large company, which can benefit from several advantages in several organizations, is the most effective in finding decentralized benefit management.

A small or medium-sized organization may find it more effective to centralize performance management with an individual or department. Here you will find typical recommendations from managers for managing insurance software benefits. Thanks to microsoft`s product and service agreement, your insurance software benefits can be easily managed through the Microsoft Business Center, where you`ll find clear and consolidated views on how benefits are achieved and simple ways to allocate them. Software Assurance is available for organizations that support only five devices. Software Assurance is only available through The Volume License and is acquired if you purchase or renew a volume license agreement. It is included in some agreements and is an optional purchase with others. Your available benefits are determined by the nature and quantity of products you buy. The size of your organization can determine which benefits are most directly useful to you.

With License Mobility through Software Assurance, you can provide certain server application licenses that you have acquired as part of your volume license agreement in the data center of an approved mobility partner. If you are a current software insurance customer, you can check the benefits of your Insurance software via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Center (VLSC) or the Microsoft Business Center (MPSA customers). You must be registered to be able to use these tools. The following scenarios are just a few examples of how your business can take advantage of your software insurance benefits to maximize the value of your investments in Microsoft technology. For more information on how Software Insurance can help, see the Software Insurance Program Guide (PDF, 6.12 MB). The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement is a unique purchase agreement that offers flexible options for your purchases of software, online services and insurance software throughout your organization. Your software insurance benefits are enabled in the Volume Licensing Services Center. Before you can activate the benefits of your insurance software in the VLSC, your company must grant you software manager insurance authorizations.