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12 Singulier: Each answer is correct. Examples: Singulier: both answers are correct. Always plural: both apples are good. Depending on the context: the whole room has been painted. All the rooms have been painted. 19 Other chord problemsIf a subject follows a verb, find the subject and make sure it matches the verb. This usually happens in questions or with sentences that start here or there. Ex: Here`s my handle. There`s our spillers. Where`s my hairbrush? Do you know her? Does he know her? 25 Review C, p. 169 Use your adviceIf the sentence has a contract error, write the correct form of verb If the sentence is correct, your answer will be « C. » There are two answers in C.

Ex: There is a man and a woman here to see you. A: are (subjects bound by and plural verb) #1: Leilani and Yoshi do not know how to swim. A: no (as above!) Menu Course Time Plan Print Answer Key NAME CLASS DATE for CHAPTER 8: AGREEMENT Pages 152-53 Subject-verbal contract: Indefinable Pronouns A pronoun A pronoun that does not refer to a person, a particular place, a thing or an idea is called an indefinite pronoun. If an unspecified pronoun is used as a subject, make sure the verb matches the pronoun. Singular Indefinite Pronouns 8d. Use a singular verb to accept with the following pronouns, if they are used as subjects: either anyone has no one someone who gives nothing to someone, has a good idea. [The singular verb corresponds to somebody`s singular subject.] Only one of the answers is correct. [The singular verb corresponds to the singular subject one.] NOTE Many indeterminate pronouns can also be used as adjectives. If these words are used as adjectives, they have no influence on the number of verbs. ADJECTIVE Each tree has been stretched.

[The adjective Everyone changes the nominic tree. The tree is the subject of the sentence.] Copyright © of Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. EXERCISE A Circle the verb in parentheses that corresponds to the theme in each of the following sentences. Each theme has been highlighted for you. Example 1. No one in my family ever forgets a birthday. [The indeterminate Pronoun No one is always singular, so the verb should also be singular.] 1. Everyone I know (likes, like) a sunny day. [Is indeterminate pronoun always unique?] 2. Anyone who needs help (studies, studies) in the support lab. 3.

Each sparrow (build, build) a nest. 4. Nothing has yet been done to remedy the problem. 5. Everything (seems, seems) everything is fine here. Undetermined plural pronouns 8th. Use a plural verb to accept the following pronouns if used as themes: the two several exAMPLE Several athletes have won gold medals. [The pluralistic verb that is obtained corresponds to the multiple plural subject.] Development Language Skills 61 9 BEWARE Prepositions PhrasesBEWARE Preposition Phrases! Check out this sentence: The conductor, as well as the musicians, formal clothes at each performance. What would be in the bully? (wear/wear) Remember: prepositional sentences should be eliminated to avoid confusion between subject and verb chords. A: door (as well as a preposition composed) Menu On Course Lesson Plan PrintCopyright © of Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

All rights reserved. Chapter 8: Agreement, p. 57-66 Subject verb contract: indefinite pronouns, p. 61-62 Subject-verb contract, p. 57-58 EXERCISE A EXERCISE A 1. protects 1.