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Contract for evaluation or issuance of a special assessment, requirements – maximum assessment, pledge, when, right of preemption, when.; 1. This chapter refers to material from work published jointly by one of the authors: « Some other aspects of evaluating the agreement with bivariates normal responses, » published in Int`l Jour. Statistics, 13, 2013, 1-19. Pieces were used here with the permission of the author Dr Ganesh Dutta and the publisher. Statistical methods in social science research p. 61-68 | Appendix 12 is listed in Schedule 12 as an example of SOW for a Phase I environmental assessment contract. The department applies all appropriate means to the emergency medical examination contract. The two unison housing administration representatives joined WMS Haywards in April 2001 as part of the outsourcing of the consulting and evaluation contract, and Unison had difficulty recruiting replacements. As part of Nebraska`s evaluation contract with NWEA, 15 additional certified moderators were added in the fall of 2017.