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A new lease package (with the original inventory and LA CBE) is created which is subject to the approval of an owner and can get an additional sum of the deposit that was taken and chosen with your original deposit in the original deposit in the owner until you leave the property. Always make sure, before you see a home, that pets are not allowed to spend time. The lease (depending on the contract) is sent to them. It is important that you carefully review the content of this contract and that all parties sign where. The contract should be returned as soon as possible to avoid any delay in the start of your lease. If we have received a satisfactory reference report for each tenant and that report is approved by the lessor; You are asked to pay all collection fees (in cash) at least 2 working days before the start of the rent. An initial tax equal to the rent of the first month, including VAT payable at the beginning of the tenancy agreement, was followed, from the second month, by a monthly administration tax of 10% of the amount of the rent, plus VAT, starting with the rent of the second month. Additional costs for the supply of inventory, see table on the next page. In the case of a professional rental agreement, the deposit is equivalent to a one-week deposit. After payment, we will contact the owner and, if agreed to remove ownership from the market, subject to satisfactory references.

Once the Let is fully approved, this amount will be deducted from your final move to the balance. If the accommodation is managed by Acorn Properties, call our maintenance team and we will arrange the necessary repairs on behalf of the owner. If the property is managed directly by the owner, report any problems directly to the owner. You can find all your landlord`s contact information on page 2 of your rental agreement. ACORN members voted in favour of further action and the formation of a national coalition with Living Rent and the London Pensioners` Union. Hundreds of tenants protested and occupied banks in Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester Newcastle, Brighton, Glasgow and London, again forcing a major bank to abandon its discriminatory policy. NatWest explained that they would remove all restrictions on landlords who rent to tenants who receive housing allowances and extend the maximum guaranteed short-term rent period from 12 months to 36 months, allowing landlords to offer tenants the guarantee of longer rent. Unless otherwise stated, the tenant is responsible for the payment of all utility companies for the duration of the tenancy agreement. You will receive an introductory call from our team for rentals at headquarters; You will confirm again the details of your rental application (depending on the contract) and you will inform the progress of your references. In some cases, in order to avoid delaying the start of your lease, we may ask you to help you follow your employer or landlord.

· Ownership and registration of the rental deposit This information is available in your rental agreement under « Prescribed Information » or in a separate document sent to you, which is also titled « Prescribed Information. » Once you have found the perfect place to live, there are a few papers to complete and fees to pay. To make things clear to you, we`ve listed our fees below so you can find out what you need to pay. We listed the fees to be paid at home before and after the introduction of a rental agreement. Administrative costs Admin limitation fees include the tenant`s share of the lease. For example, all first visits, correspondence (both written and oral), all negotiations with the lessor, all consultations given, and the establishment by the tenant of the legally binding rental documentation of Assured Shorthold. Receiving all funds and distributing these funds to the lessor and other parties (for example. B protected rent money, etc.).