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Q. The governor does not seem to be looking at schools nationally in terms of the occupation of virtual learning or closures. Do you support this approach? Worcester County Public Schools Superintendent Lou Taylor, appointed in 2016 and who recently agreed to negotiate a new four-year contract with the school`s office, spoke Tuesday with The Dispatch about plans to gradually return to private education – and the challenges of running schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. A. Yes. One of the things that my team felt was extremely important was that we were never able to get together with our employees and all our schools and add some important points for them so that we could prepare them for the return. We said we wanted the children to be brought back. We want to be back in our buildings, but we need to give them tools to help them and help them bring our children back. And I am grateful to the governor and the Department of Education for allowing us to have local control. We have a seven-member elected school board, which is also involved, our district election officers. There are so many groups that are part of what we do, and certainly our local elected officials of the school board, our district commissioners are strong supporters of how our school system works.

A. The State Teachers` Union is a large-scale organization, covering all 24 counties, and each county works differently. We have a good relationship with our teachers` association. My management team and I work with them to make decisions about our schools. And we support, of course, when they have concerns, we listen, we take them seriously, we try to work with their management to make sure that we create as much as possible a safe and conducive environment for our children to learn. Dorchester County Maryland is the largest county on the Eastern Shore with 29,300 inhabitants, with 593 square miles of land and 108 square miles of water. While the county is home to more than 750 businesses, it is also rich in recreational facilities and natural resources. The Dorchester County School system provides the educational basis for children in the county.

Read more… BERLIN – Although the county`s public schools currently offer hands-on courses, officials plan to reintroduce students to school buildings on January 4. Q. Worcester County Public Schools is back in the first phase of its reopening plan until January 4, 2021. School authorities are currently calling students in the first wave to return on January 4. When do you think the call will take place if schools are actually reopened to in-person teaching? If the statistics do not change, is there concern about the need to postpone the date? Q. And as you just said, the county`s teachers have been really challenged all this time, and the National Teachers` Union wants the state superintendent to say that all Maryland schools remain closed until the end of January, or at least at the end of the semester. Worried about teacher morale? And do you think that the proposal of the National Union of Teachers is the right way to go? A.