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A CAR allows you to supplement your registered pensions and retirement plans, while increasing your financial retirement savings. If you are an employer and you establish a compensation agreement, you must deduct a 50% refundable tax on all contributions you make to a custodian of the agreement and deduct from the recipient the amount of refundable tax you received on the 15th of the month after the refund was withheld. (b) an amount calculated by the employer as the amount required for the granting of benefits under its external pension plan with respect to the member`s accumulated benefits in accordance with this part and Section 68. When we receive your T733 form filled out with a copy of the RCA Trust Agreement (with an original signature), we will give you an employer account number beginning with the letters RC. We also give the custodian a separate bank account number, starting with the letter T. Pensionspensionsvereinbarung means the pension compensation scheme defined in section 4; (regime) (d) indicate the period during which the person intends to contribute to the pension compensation plan; and A company creates a CAR to provide retirement benefits to its employees. The deductible contributions are paid by the company to the CAR and held in trust for the beneficiaries. For example, if the employer contributes to the CAR trust fund at the end of the year and the custodian repays that amount to the employer next year, we may refuse the deduction if we discover that the amount helped to obtain a deduction instead of providing for pension distributions. A CAR is a plan funded by contributions from employers and employees to a manager who manages the funds. THE ATCs are used to finance a worker`s retirement, job loss or a substantial change in the services they provide. In the case of a capital company, for example, we need a copy of the « certificate of amendment » or « modifying article » issued by the provincial, territorial or federal authority or by the registrar of companies that have approved the new name.

For a legal person without a legal personality (for example. B an entity created by a constitutional or fiduciary decision), we need a copy of a resolution or written agreement signed by the directors or directors of the institution who indicate the new name and indicate the effective date of the name change. Employers can make a package of pensions available to their employees, but cannot afford the high cost of operating a PPP or individual pension plan (« PPI »). If the manager who owns the business or anyone who is already in the business completes the necessary transfer forms and the accounting of the plan, the costs associated with a CAR include the preparation of the fiduciary performance and the investment advisory fees mentioned above when an advisor is used. Comics can result in additional costs, as regular actuarial evaluations may be required to ensure that the plan is properly funded. In order to ensure that refundable tax is transferred from the transfer account to the account of the plan received, representatives of both plans should have signed an agreement. If you send us this letter, we can transfer the refundable tax from the transfer plan account to the account of the plan received. For more information, see transfer of amounts between RCA trusted positions. (ii) an amount of interest after the valuation date, if any, on the amount set at point (i), calculated at the same rate and in the same way as in this agreement, and if you have received funds from another RCA trust fund, we receive a copy of the letter of contract between the two RCA trusts that provide the above information.