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You are responsible for emptying your own garbage in garbage cans or compressors. Residents who dump waste in areas other than designated garbage cans should expect a fine of $25 per deposit. In order to continue to support the university`s commitment to the environment, UCF offers recycling in all roommates. Residents are encouraged to participate in our recycling program. The housing contract obliges residents to maintain clean and hygienic conditions in dormitories and apartments. The status of « Confirmed » accommodation will appear on the Housing Portal Application Status page if a place has been reserved for you on campus. Confirmed study dates are based on the date of your housing contract, the semester in which you enter UCF and your student ranking. If you have an illness or disability requiring special accommodation inside the accommodation, you can indicate this during the online application process. As soon as you indicate that you have an illness or disability requiring accommodation, you will receive more information about the appropriate forms and procedures. Your doctor`s documents are required.

If you have any questions about possible accommodations, call 407-823-4663 and contact the Room Assignments team. The priority for building housing on campus applies to future first-year students. First-year students need the most support when they enter a university and live on campus is one of the best ways to help them succeed. Additional spaces are made available to returning residents through a lottery process. Students who receive lottery confirmation but no longer need their seat have a very limited window where they can cancel their apartment without penalty. This information will be contained in the lottery notification email on January 29, 2021. Tickets cancelled by lottery winners are randomly distributed to students awaiting lottery confirmation. Do not assume that you have been assigned to the dwelling on campus.

Based on the date of your application for accommodation, a confirmed date will be communicated to you as soon as the space is available. You can check the status of your app by following the instructions below on this page. If we can`t offer you a seat for the semester you want, we`ll send you a transfer to off-campus student housing. We will do so as soon as possible, so that you can enter into alternative housing agreements. If you apply for housing, you must pay a down payment for each housing contract you have submitted. The amount of the down payment is then recorded at the rent of the first half of this contract. The prepayment for pure summer accommodation is $100. The prepayment for an agreement that will begin in the fall is $250. The prepayment for an agreement that will begin in the spring is $250. The above agreements are in PDF format. For PDF documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be displayed.

Unlike other apartments outside the camp, NorthView is a property run entirely by UCF. This ensures access to UCF resources and people who need help need to feel safe in their college homes. It also means that students and their families can work directly with the university to ensure simple compensation, direct transfer of financial assistance and always get answers to their questions.