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In Line 1, a node first creates an area of its eight closest neighbors, after which it recovers a value from its sensors. This value is then written in the previously defined area, which must be defined by the key reading_key. In line 4, the node verifies which sensor value in the defined region was the largest that is returned to the variable max_id. The concept of transparency can be applied to several aspects of a distributed system, the most important of which are presented in Table 1. We use the term object to make me a process or a resource. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons 4.0 International License ( which allows unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any media, provided it provides appropriate recognition to the original author and source, provides a link to the Creative Commons license and indicates whether changes have been made. Another important class of distributed systems is in organizations that have faced a multitude of networked applications, but for which interoperability has proven to be a painful experience. Many of the existing middleware solutions are the result of working with an infrastructure in which it was easier to integrate applications into a company-wide information system [5, 12, 28]. The size of a system can be scalable relative to its size, which means we can simply add more users and resources to the system without significantly losing performance.

Shared Database Many problems with file integration are mitigated when using a shared database. All applications have access to the same data, often via parent language like SQL. In addition, it is easy to notify applications when changes occur, as triggers are often part of modern databases. However, there are two major drawbacks. First, it is always necessary to design a common data scheme that is far from trivial if all the applications that need to be integrated are not fully known in advance. Second, when there are a lot of readings and updates, a shared database can easily become a power shortage. The concealment of communication slats applies in cases of geographical scalability. The basic idea is simple: try to wait as long as possible for responses to requests for remote services. If z.B.

a service has been requested on a remote computer, an alternative to waiting for a server response is to do other useful work on the advertiser`s site.