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Non classé / 18 décembre 2020 / Posted by celine

Thank you for your response. My lease is a 12-month lease and no, I didn`t stay for 12 months because circumstances have changed and I have to find a bigger unit. I did not voluntarily terminate the lease. In the early termination clause, it was stated that I had to stay at least 12 months. No compensation was mentioned. The owner is now demanding full compensation. In addition, the landlord told me that even if a new tenant is found, my deposit will still expire and he will ask the new tenant for a new deposit. Does it make sense in the eye of the law? Because the new tenant is only going to continue my rental period. As a contract, the lease naturally sets important information about both parties (i.e.

the landlord and tenant). Perhaps the two most important are the duration of the tenancy and the value of the deposit. Without the lease, any rent would disintegrate. Think of it as the backbone that preserves the rights and responsibilities of both parties. I am afriad because other tenants, agents and landlords are the same people on the page. Can I get a deposit back? and what do I have to prepare to avoid all kinds of arguments? Hello, 3 of my friends and I just signed a lease today with an agent because the owner is not in the country. We agreed that we would move on April 1. We don`t live together and we still have to look for our replacements in our current places, so we need time. We also transferred the deposit to the owner`s bank account and paid taxes. But right now, the realtor told us that the owner`s son had accepted an offer from another person who moved in on March 1. Our problem is that we cannot do that and they are trying to convince us to move in on March 1. We settled everything and paid bail to imprison the unit.

But the broker says that the lease we signed is not yet binding since the owner has not signed it. It`s true? What can we do to remedy this situation? Thank you in advance. In summary, the three facts mentioned above are just a few of the things you should pay attention to when signing a lease in Singapore. The agreement may be the « regulatory framework » that both parties use as a reference to avoid conflict, but it is not always absolute.