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General correspondence amending existing ITAR authorizations as a result of changes to the U.S. name/entity, entity names/addresses and/or registration code (published on 21.06.2011): (license) Revised Guidelines: DoS/DDTC Paper Submissions of Submissions of Agreements: (2) 2 01/2010) ITAR – Dual Nationals and Third Country Nationals Employed by End- User: DoS/DDTC Commodity Juris – Paper Sub-missions for requests: (09/02/2010) Appendix A models have been updated for: – Remove the nr statement. 124.12 (a) (10) of the letter of transmission – Remove the 124.16 declaration from the agreement – Update the mandatory instructions above. Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Status Posts – DDTC (weekly updates): DSP-73 and DSP-61 License Requests – Support Documentation Requirements – UPDATED (published on 23.06.2011): (Licence) Note: Candidates are not required to submit a change for the sole purpose of updating or deleting these instructions. However, the statements will need to be updated in the next big change. All treaty amendments/amendments tabled after 1 September 2016 must, if necessary, contain the necessary new explanations. When an old statement is used, a reserve is added, which orders the applicant to modify it before being executed. Applicants can use the new declarations before September 1. State/DDTC launches the full version of the MARY Status retrieval system: 126.18 Exemptions for internal, intra-government and intra-government transfers to employees who are dual nationals or third-country nationals – FAQs: Department of State Licensing: Advice on using the D-Trade 2 system to « ensure better performance and a better end-user experience. » requests for verification and/or clarification (Update 21.06.2011): (Licence) DOD software guidelines are no longer available from individual DTSA contact points.