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Palestinians expressed anger at the agreements by firing rockets from Gaza at Israel during the ceremony at the White House. Malaysia stated that the agreement was a sovereign right of the United Arab Emirates, but that it would continue to support Israel`s withdrawal from the Palestinian territories. [128] The Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which it welcomed the agreement and hoped it would contribute to peace and security in the Middle East. [129] The northern border of the Arab part of the coastal plain runs from a point between Minat El-Qila and Nabi Yunis, which lies between the built-up areas of Gan Yavne and Barqa to the point of intersection. From there, it turns to the southwest and crosses the country of Batani Sharqi, along the eastern border of the country of Beit Daras and the country of Julis, so that the built-up areas of Batani Sharqi and Julien are to the west, up to the northwest corner of the country Beit-Tima. From there, east of El-Jiya, it passes through the village of El-Barbara along the eastern borders of the villages of Beit Jirja, Deir Suneid and Dimra. From the southeast corner of Dimra, the border crosses the country of Beit Hanoun and leaves the Jewish country of Nir-Am to the east. From the southeast corner of Beit Hanun, the road heads southwest to a point south of parallel line 100, then turns two kilometres to the northwest, turns again to the southwest and heads towards the northwest corner of kirbet Ikhza`a village. From there, he follows the border of this village to its southernest point. It then heads south along vertical line 90 until it crosses with horizontal line 70. It then turns southeast towards Kh. El-Ruheiba, then heads south to a point known as El-Baha, behind which it crosses the main Beersheba-EI`Auja road west of Kh.

El-Mushrifa. From there, she threw herself to Den Wadi El-Zaiyatin, west of El-Subeita. From there, it turns to the northeast, then to the southeast of this oudi and passes east of `Abda to connect Wadi Nafkh.