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c) You cannot sell, sublicensing, rent or rent the software or use the software to provide commercial services. Unless otherwise stated, the contents of this site, including all documents published by the Linux Foundation, are licensed Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. 1.1 Subject to Section 1.2 (b), OIN grants you and your subsidiaries a free, global, non-exclusive, non-negotiable license, in accordance with the OIN patents, to produce, use, import and distribute products or services. In addition to the above and unrestricted, only with respect to the Linux system, the license granted to it includes the right to engage in activities which, in the absence of that agreement, would constitute an inducement of violation or participation in infringements (or a violation under another similar legal doctrine in the applicable jurisdiction). Red Hat Linux itself is a collective work under American copyright. Subject to the restrictions on the use of the trademark under this agreement, Red Hat grants you a licence for collection work under the general gnu-public license. Users are solely responsible for all documents, whether publicly posted or privately transferred, who download, publish, send, email, transfer or make other information (« User Content ») available. Neither the Linux Foundation nor any of its members are responsible for complaints arising from the user`s content. You guarantee that you have all the rights necessary to provide the user`s content in accordance with these Terms and all applicable laws or regulations.

Some Linux Foundation working groups or other projects hosted by the Linux Foundation may have license terms or contributing agreements specific to the working group or project, which require users to sign an agreement (for example. B a Contributor Agreement) that assigns rights and/or licensing rights in bids to this working group or project. In all of these cases and in the event of a conflict, these conditions of licence or agreements prevail over these terms of use. With respect to the content of users who are not regulated by other working groups or by project-specific conditions or agreements, you agree that the following non-exclusive, irrevocable and free global licenses apply: The thousands of software packages available for Ubuntu are divided into four key groups or components: principal, restricted, universe and multiverse.