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The fact that a company considers a computer screen to be labeling or data makes little difference under the Quality Assurance Regulation, since the terminal label or data in both directions must meet the basic specifications of the device. When companies develop and validate software, they should also check these electronic screens to verify that the « identification » meets all applicable requirements. B such as compliance with the specifications of the basic device kit, correct identification of parameters, agreement with the user manual and, of course, the correct display of performance data. 2. In the case of cheeses made from unpasteurized milk for at least 60 days, each cheese must be glued to the cheese with a legible label indicating the date of the end of the temporary manufacturing process and the date of the hardening operation, and removable labelling must be restored on each of these cheeses or in its coating container or in its immediate container. ,  » cheese made from unpasteurized milk. To complete the hardening and proper labelling, the raw material filled with the corresponding name of the cheese variety. (i) the labelling of the bulk container is clearly visible, provided that the mentions of the ingredients appear clearly and visible in an inscription at least a quarter of an inch high; or if used, expiry dates must reflect the period following the final packaging during which the device is adapted to its intended use when stored and used in accordance with its labeling. The manufacturer must have stability data that determines the device`s usage interval. Medical device manufacturers must incorporate several labelling elements into their Quality Assurance (QS) program to meet the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the Quality Systems Regulation.

The SAQ program must be sufficient to ensure that labelling meets the requirements for legibility, liability, etc., and to ensure that labelling operations are controlled so that proper markings are always issued and used. Context. When we evaluate labels, we also think about your product in the context of your supply chain. The responsibility for accurate food labelling must be taken into account in the supply chain and not just in the packaging of products. In June 2017, an unlabelled allergen in a single ingredient, Breadcrumbs, prompted a cascade of recalls from other food manufacturers who put bread crumbs in their products.